SUN Resources

The suggested resources presented below are offered as possible options for further support. We can offer additional suggestions tailored to your unique needs. (All links open in a new window.)


Lahey Health Behavioral Services:

Bureau of Substance Abuse Services Brochure [pdf]

Youth Central Intake (CICC):
Youth Central Intake Care Coordination (CICC) staff facilitates access to the range of publicly funded services offered by the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services (BSAS) for Massachusetts youth struggling with substance use, · 617-661-3991 ×116

Office of Youth and Young Adult Services:
Designs, implements, and oversees the programs, policies and initiatives that are created by the Bureau to address substance abuse issues among youth and young adults. The purpose of this office is to build and maintain system capacity across the continuum of care. The directive of the office is to provide effective, accessible, and affordable substance abuse treatment for youth and their families.

MYR, “Motivating Youth Recovery”:
intensive adolescent treatment, Worcester 508-860-1244
View and download brochure [pdf]

The Castle (Clean and Sober Teens Living Empowered):
Intensive adolescent treatment, Brockton 508-436-2001

Recovery Support Programs

Alcoholics Anonymous:

Narcotics Anonymous:

In the Rooms social media website:

SMART Recovery:

New England SMART Recovery:

Family Support Programs Links



Families Anonymous:

Learn to Cope:

Grief Recovery After A Substance Passing (GRASP):

Lahey Health Behavioral Services: Family, Friend, and Caregiver Support Group:
Call for details – Karen Horrigan 978-777-2121 × 7681.


The Partnership:

How to Prevent Drug Use at Any Age:

Intervene (blog at The Partnership):

“We are a community of experts, parents and caring adults concerned about our teens’ alcohol and drug use and have come together to share our insights, inspiration, guidance and help.”

Prescription medication:

Talking to your kids about prescription medication abuse [pdf doc]:

Teen Prescription Medication Abuse [pdf doc]:

Parent Estimates of Teen Stimulate Abuse [pdf doc]:


Parent brochure on underage drinking:

Alcohol Use among 8th, 10th, and 12th grade adolescents over time [pdf doc]:

Marijuana and Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic Marjiuana Use Among High School Seniors [pdf doc]:

Teen Marijuana Use and Legalization [pdf doc]:

Synthetic Marijuana 3rd Preferred Substance By American Teens [pdf doc]:


Quit Smoking Community

Prosocial activities

The SUN Project encourages young people to participate in meaningful activities that support positive decision making and self-esteem. See some of our favorite resources below.

Find volunteering opportunities near you:
Volunteer match:

Find outdoor activities:

Learn about exercise classes and staying active:

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